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Calvary College

Calvary College is excited to offer three distinct ways to get the Bible education you’ve been dreaming of.

Calvary College

On-site Classes

Calvary College offers on-site courses at the Calvary Church Osuna campus. Classes are scheduled to allow students to work and remain committed to church and family while pursuing a biblical education. This is ideal for students who prefer a classroom setting.

Online Classes

Calvary College offers online classes, which must each be completed within sixteen weeks. This is ideal for students who prefer directed self-study with the flexibility of online classes.


All BA-level Bible classes are three units.
All MA-level Bible classes are four units.

Calvary Chapel University

Calvary Chapel University

Calvary College and Calvary Chapel University (CCU) have formed a partnership that provides the opportunity for individuals to take their life’s purpose to a whole new level with a degree in biblical studies. This combination of online and on-site classes trains students to study the Bible academically, think about it critically, and serve God practically. Online classes can be taken anytime.


CCU offers accredited degrees, dual credit for high school, and life credit for applicants. Financial aid is available and transfer credits are accepted for most Calvary College classes.

Veritas International University

Veritas International University

Our continued partnership with Veritas International University (VIU) allows students to take classes 100 percent online while pursuing a degree.


VIU offers accredited bible degrees and certifications. Veteran benefits are available.

About Calvary College


Calvary College students will study the text of the Bible, learning the art and science of biblical exposition while reading and reflecting on the Bible as God’s specific revelation to humanity, the truth of God made manifest in written form.


Students will be instructed to examine and interpret the Bible according to its historical-grammatical context, as well as learn biblical doctrines pertaining to life and godliness.

Calvary College Teachers


Through the practical application of preaching and communication, students will learn biblical study preparation, preaching, and teaching techniques.

On-site Class Schedule

Classes are offered Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with evening sessions from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Sign up for the one that best works with your busy lifestyle.

Degree Program

Calvary College on-site and online classes are not accredited, but upon completion they are covered by accreditation when transferred to CCU. CCU offers accredited BA and MA degrees. VIU offers BA through doctorate degrees.

Apply Today

Submit a completed application and a $75 application fee no later than August 6, 2021 to secure enrollment for the spring 2021 academic semester. A background check is required for all students age eighteen and older attending on-site classes.

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On-site Classes


Theology 1 covers seven areas of Theology.
1.) Theology and theological systems
2.)Bibliology and Hermenutics (Bibliology)
3.)The doctrine of God (theology proper)
4.)The doctrine of the Trinity (Trinitarinism)
5.)The doctrine of Jesus Christ (Christology)
6.)The doctrine of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)
7.)The doctrine of Angels (Angelology)

BC217 - BC517 The Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling

The Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling was developed primarily as a practical ``how to`` counseling and discipleship skills based course. As such, it has three distinct aspects.
1.)The skills of a counselor. How the helper conducts themselves in the helping process.
2.) The counseling process. How the helper moves through the stages of the process: What is/What is desired/How to move from what is to what is desired.
3.)The Biblical and theological framework and foundation of the helping process.

APO550 - APO250: Theopoetics: The life and lessons of C.S. Lewis

Using the life lessons from C.S. Lewis, Theopoetics will take three theological areas: truth, beauty and goodness, seeking to inspire the Christian imagination. Each class will follow a broadly three-tiered system: define, deliberate, and dialogue, using examples from C.S. Lewis' life and work.

Online Classes

BA Level Courses: 3 credit units each

BIB201 – Old Testament Survey

Genesis through Malachi

BIB202 – New Testament Survey

Matthew through Revelation

BIB303 - Theology I

BIB304 - Theology II

BIB204 – Genesis

BIB227 – Daniel

BIB220 – Matthew

BIB324A - John 1-11

BIB324B - John 12-21

BIB274 – Romans

BIB266 - Revelation

MA level Courses: 4 credit units each

BIB501 – Old Testament Survey

Genesis through Malachi

BIB503 - Theology I

BIB504 - Theology II

BIB504 – Genesis

BIB527 – Daniel

BIB520 – Matthew

BIB574 – Romans

BIB566 – Revelation

BIB580 – Jesus and the Early Church

Matthew through Acts – NT Survey 1

BIB581 – Paul and the Latter Church

Romans through Revelation – NT Survey 2

BIB524A - John 1-11

BIB524B - John 12-21


The cost to attend Calvary College is $100 per credit unit. BA-level classes are three units and cost $300 per class. MA-level classes are four units and cost $400 per class. Books and supplies are additional costs. Books can be purchased online or at Parchments bookstore on the Calvary College campus. There is a $95 charge to audit any on-site or online class.

On-Site Schedule

The on-site class schedule is every Monday and Tuesday. There is no limit to the amount of classes you can take during the semester.

Evening sessions are from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.


Monday: Theology I with Dr. Nelson Walker
Tuesday: Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling with Dr. Nelson Walker
Tuesday: Theopoetics: Life Lessons of C.S. Lewis with Dr. Brian Nixon


A student discount for registered students is available in Parchments.

BA and MA online courses

BA and MA online courses

Class: Theopoetics

Class: Theopoetics

Class: Theopoetics

Class: Theopoetics

Class: Fundamentals of Christian Counseling

Class: Fundamentals of Christian Counseling

Class: Fundamentals of Christian Counseling

Class: Theology

Important Dates

Spring Semester:

Registration for Fall 2021 Term Opens: May 1, 2021
Final Date for Applications:
August 6, 2021

Final Registration Date: August 13, 2021
First Day of Classes: August 16, 2021
Closed for Labor Day: September 6, 2021
Thanksgiving Holiday:
November 22-26, 2021

Finals Week: December 7-13, 2021
End of the Semester: December 13, 2021

Calvary Church

We are a fellowship of believers who pursue the God who is passionately pursuing a lost world; we do this by connecting with one another, through worship, by the Word, to the world.

Our Mission

Connect Up

We express our adoration of Jesus through dynamic worship and uncompromised obedience.

Connect In

We explain the relevance of the Bible to empower and transform lives for service.

Connect Out

We extend hope to a hurting world by proclaiming the gospel and demonstrating Christ’s love.


Calvary College is a community rooted in the text of the Bible, where relevant instruction, relational experience, and real-life application are highly valued. Instruction takes place on the Osuna campus of Calvary Church, where students can foster community in the classroom, under a cottonwood tree, or over a cup of coffee at SoPo Roasting & Brewing Co.


Calvary College is led by theologians who are passionate about the text of the Bible and have devoted their lives to its exposition, examination, and explanation.

Skip Heitzig, D.Min, D. Phil

Skip Heitzig is the president and CEO of Calvary College.

Nelson Walker, M.A., THD

Nelson Walker is the dean at Calvary College.

Dr. Brian Nixon

Brian Nixon, M.A, D. Phil.

Brian Nixon is the chief academic officer of Calvary College.

Katherine Gardner

Katherine Gardner

Katherine Gardner is the registrar for Calvary College.

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